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National Suicide Prevention Week

Every year since 2011 the American Association of Suicidology, has sponsored the National Suicide Prevention Week to bring the facts of attempted suicide to light. While the true numbers are really unknown, it is thought that there are close to 2 million attempted suicides within the United States every single year with over 30,000 of […]

Can The Internet Affect Your Mental Health?

The impact of using the internet has shown mixed results. People with regular access to the internet have tested happier than those without it, yet internet addiction is now recognized by the mental health community as a very real problem. This Mental Health Guide fills in the details on how the internet can affect your mental […]

How Can Hypnosis Help In Mental Health Therapy?

Hypnosis, or hypnotherapy as it is often called, encourages relaxation, deep concentration and focus. The person under hypnosis becomes intensely focused on the topic being discussed, and this allows them to explore thoughts, memories and experiences that have been painful to them. This often assists the individual in getting to the true root of their […]

Professional Athletes and Mental Health. What Happens When You Are No Longer on Top?

Professional athletes on the downside of their active careers and those who have retired face mental health challenges that have been well documented. Anxiety, depression and the abuse of  drugs and alcohol are all very real possibilities. The issues are the worst with those athletes who have not prepared themselves emotionally or financially for life […]

Men and Mental Health, Mental Health Issues Most Common to Men

According to the World Health Organization, the rates of psychiatric disorders are nearly identical in men and women. However, the types of mental health issues each gender is most prone to suffer from differ markedly. Some experts suggest the differences are a result of the way men handle emotions. Women internalize emotions, and this leads […]

Mental Health After Brain Injuries, What To Expect

People who experience traumatic brain injury (TBI) respond and recover in different ways. In a significant number of people, there is no clear change in their mental health. For others, the injury can lead to mental health issues ranging from minor to very severe. This Mental Health Guide gives you information about mental health after brain […]

Military Families and Mental Health, How To Get Support

The emotional and mental stress on military families can be enormous. The list of stressors is very long. Post-traumatic stress is one of the worst, but by no means the only mental health challenge facing families with active members of the military and veterans. The stresses are felt by the service member, spouses, children and […]

Bipolar and Seasonal Affective Disorders, Differences and Causes

In some ways, bipolar disorder and SAD can look very similar, especially when someone with bipolar disorder is depressed. This Mental Health Guide will help you understand bipolar and seasonal affective disorders, their causes and treatments. What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by a mental state that shifts from depressed to manic. […]

Top 5 Places You Can Receive Free Mental Health Counseling

Mental health care can be very expensive if you don’t have health insurance that covers it 100%. The good news is that free mental health counseling is available. In this Mental Health Guide we will help you take advantage of the top 5 places to receive free mental health counseling. Where to Find Free Mental Health Care […]

8 Tips to Help You Prepare For Therapy or Counseling Sessions

If you’ve made the decision to begin therapy or counseling sessions, then you’ve taken an important step toward a healthier, happier and more fulfilling future. You’ll want to get the most you can from these sessions, and these hints will help. In this Mental Health Guide we discuss the top 8 tips that can help you prepare for […]