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Top 10 Ways To Maintain Good Mental Health During the Holiday Season

Holidays are stressful for everyone and can be emotionally painful for many. They can be triggers for mental health crises. While often enjoyable, some holiday events may represent a mental health threat to you. In this Mental Health Guide we suggest 10 tips that may help you get the best from the holidays while reducing the risk of […]

How to Avoid Eating Disorders During the Holidays

Holidays and too much food go hand in hand, so if you’ve got an eating disorder, they can be a real trigger. In this Mental Health Guide we will take a look at how you can navigate a successful course of action and avoid eating disorders during the holidays. Holiday Tips for Those with Eating Disorders While there are […]

Dependent Personality Disorder, What is it and Can it Be Hereditary?

There is a belief among some medical professionals that dependent personality disorder has a genetic component. Is this the case? In this Mental Health Guide we look at dependent personality disorder, what it’s causes might be and the treatments that have proven to be effective. Defining Dependent Personality Disorder A person with this type of antisocial disorder […]

Can I Prevent My Child From Getting a Mental Illness?

Mental illness is very complex. Researchers believe that each one is the result of several causes, rarely just one. While parents can do some things to help reduce the chance of a child developing a mental illness, the best current research shows that factors beyond a parent’s control are a significant part of any childhood […]

My Daughter Has An Eating Disorder, Did I Cause It?

There are several eating disorders that are common among adolescent and teenage girls. They sometimes persist into adulthood. They can be serious, even ending in death. In this Mental Health Guide article we will teenage eating disorders and what causes them to manifest. The most common of these disorders are Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge-Eating disorder. These are the […]

Anxiety Disorders, What Are The Risk Factors and Triggers For The Disease?

There are several different anxiety disorders including Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder, Phobias, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Separation Anxiety Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In this Mental Health Guide article we will discuss the risk factors for developing an anxiety disorder and the real-life events that might trigger them. Risk Factors for Anxiety Disorder Here are the […]

What Addictions Can a Mental Health Facility Help With?

Most mental health facilities are equipped to treat people with substance abuse addictions and other addictions. In this Mental Health Guide article we will discuss what addictions you can be treated for while in a mental health facility for treatment. The reason that many of those who suffer from mental illness also struggle with addiction is called co-diagnosis […]

Postpartum Depression, At What Point Should I Seek Treatment?

Postpartum depression affects many new mothers and attention has been given to it in recent years by celebrities like Brooke Shields who have suffered from it. You should not feel ashamed if you struggle with depression after the birth of a child. It is quite common. However, since PPD can have serious consequences for the […]

What Can You Expect When You Drop Someone Off at a Mental Health Facility?

Taking a loved one to a mental health facility can be a traumatic experience, especially when you are unsure about what will happen to the person during treatment. Most mental health hospitals do a fantastic job alleviating the concerns of spouses, parents, friends and others who are directly involved in the process. In this Mental Health […]

Can Chemo Treatments Lead to a Stay at the Nervous Hospital?

Chemotherapy is strong medicine and it can cause damage to a person’s nervous system. This damage can lead to hospitalization for treatment and therapy. Will chemotherapy affect your mental health?  It might. The trauma of having cancer and going through treatments can also cause mental health problems. In this Mental Health Guide article, you will learn about chemotherapy, […]