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Dependent Personality Disorder, What is it and Can it Be Hereditary?

There is a belief among some medical professionals that dependent personality disorder has a genetic component. Is this the case? In this Mental Health Guide we look at dependent personality disorder, what it’s causes might be and the treatments that have proven to be effective. Defining Dependent Personality Disorder A person with this type of antisocial disorder […]

Can I Prevent My Child From Getting a Mental Illness?

Mental illness is very complex. Researchers believe that each one is the result of several causes, rarely just one. While parents can do some things to help reduce the chance of a child developing a mental illness, the best current research shows that factors beyond a parent’s control are a significant part of any childhood […]

Tourette’s Syndrome, How Does The Disorder Affect a Child as They Mature?

Tourette’s Syndrome in a child will produce many challenges for both the child and parents as the child matures. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the sooner it can be treated and parents can help the child cope with and overcome this childhood mental illness. While it is not curable per se, many people can […]