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National Suicide Prevention Week

Every year since 2011 the American Association of Suicidology, has sponsored the National Suicide Prevention Week to bring the facts of attempted suicide to light. While the true numbers are really unknown, it is thought that there are close to 2 million attempted suicides within the United States every single year with over 30,000 of […]

Can I Prevent My Child From Getting a Mental Illness?

Mental illness is very complex. Researchers believe that each one is the result of several causes, rarely just one. While parents can do some things to help reduce the chance of a child developing a mental illness, the best current research shows that factors beyond a parent’s control are a significant part of any childhood […]

Can Chemo Treatments Lead to a Stay at the Nervous Hospital?

Chemotherapy is strong medicine and it can cause damage to a person’s nervous system. This damage can lead to hospitalization for treatment and therapy. Will chemotherapy affect your mental health?  It might. The trauma of having cancer and going through treatments can also cause mental health problems. In this Mental Health Guide article, you will learn about chemotherapy, […]

Tourette’s Syndrome, How Does The Disorder Affect a Child as They Mature?

Tourette’s Syndrome in a child will produce many challenges for both the child and parents as the child matures. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the sooner it can be treated and parents can help the child cope with and overcome this childhood mental illness. While it is not curable per se, many people can […]