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Mental Health After Brain Injuries, What To Expect

People who experience traumatic brain injury (TBI) respond and recover in different ways. In a significant number of people, there is no clear change in their mental health. For others, the injury can lead to mental health issues ranging from minor to very severe. This┬áMental Health Guide gives you information about mental health after brain […]

What is the Difference Between Narcissistic and Schizoid Personality Disorders?

Narcissistic personality disorder and schizoid personality disorder are among the most common disorders in the adult population. They have some similarities, but many differences. Here is a look to help you understand their differences. Knowing the definition and symptoms of these disorders can be helpful in identifying them in yourself or those close to you. […]

Are There Any “At Home” Tests I Can Take To Spot Personality Disorders?

There are many personality tests that can be taken at home to spot personality disorders in yourself or in someone close to you. However, the tests vary greatly in quality, so consider the source when using them. In this Mental Health Guide article, we will discuss some of the varied at home testing you can […]

How to Spot the Signs of Anti Social Personality Disorder

How do you know if you or someone in your family is suffering from antisocial personality disorder, a fairly common mental health disorder? In this Mental Health Guide article we will discuss how to spot the signs that you or someone else may have an anti social personality disorder. The symptom checklist below will help […]