Top 5 Places You Can Receive Free Mental Health Counseling

Mental health care can be very expensive if you don’t have health insurance that covers it 100%. The good news is that free mental health counseling is available.

In this Mental Health Guide we will help you take advantage of the top 5 places to receive free mental health counseling.

Where to Find Free Mental Health Care

If you are in need of mental health counseling for yourself or a loved one, here are your options for free and low-cost mental health care.

Community Mental Health

Community Mental Health agencies are part of the Department of Health and Human Services. Most counties have a Community Mental Health office where resources for free and low-cost mental health counseling can be found.

Local Hospitals

If you need hospitalization for a mental health issue and are not able to pay, your local hospital may be able to help. It might have grants for mental health care, or more likely, the hospital can help you apply for and receive help through the federal Medicaid system.

Religious Leaders

Many religious leaders have training in mental health counseling. Talk with your pastor, priest, rabbi or other religious leader to find out what is available. Even if they don’t provide counseling, they may be able to direct you to a colleague that does.

Mental Health Hospitals

Some mental health hospitals provide free care and counseling to those who cannot afford it. They may use financial grants or donations for this purpose, or they may be able to get help for you through Medicaid. Contact the mental health facilities in your area to learn what is available.

Mental Health Hotlines

While these don’t provide long-term mental health counseling, they are set up to help in crisis situations. For example, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a 24-hour crisis hotline with a toll-free number (1.800.273.TALK or 1.800.273.8255). If you find yourself in crisis or are trying to help someone who is, this hotline can help. If you believe a person is in immediate danger to himself or herself, you should call 911.

In very difficult times, financial problems often go hand in hand with emotional and mental problems. These 5 resources will help you find free mental health counseling for yourself or someone else you are trying to help.

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