What Addictions Can a Mental Health Facility Help With?

Most mental health facilities are equipped to treat people with substance abuse addictions and other addictions.

In this Mental Health Guide article we will discuss what addictions you can be treated for while in a mental health facility for treatment.

The reason that many of those who suffer from mental illness also struggle with addiction is called co-diagnosis or co-morbidity.  A high percentage of those suffering from one might suffer from the other. In some cases, the mental health issue gave rise to the addiction.

A depressed person, for example, might use drugs in order to feel better. An anxious person might use alcohol to calm down. A bipolar person might begin abusing drugs or develop a sex addiction during manic swings. When addictions and mental health issues are so intertwined, they must be treated together.

The professionals in mental health facilities including clinics and inpatient treatment centers have long understood that both issues need to be treated for a person to recover.

Treating Addictions Alongside Mental Health

The most common addictions addressed in mental health facilities are drug and alcohol addictions, but these are not the only ones. Other addictions that can be treated while you are receiving mental health treatment include tobacco addiction, shopping addiction, food addiction, sex addiction, gambling, adrenaline addiction, internet addiction and work addiction.

Discussing Addiction with a Mental Health Professional

When you are seeking the right mental health facility for treatment, be up front about your addiction as well. Let them know, for example, that you have used drugs to help fight depression or alcohol to help with anxiety. In most cases, especially if you speak with an intake counselor, they will ask you questions that will help determine if a co-diagnosis is appropriate.

Addiction is now viewed by mental health professional as a mental health issue. The doctors, counselors and staff of mental health facilities are trained and equipped to help people with both mental health and addiction problems. Treatment programs can be developed that will help you address and overcome both, so don’t hesitate to contact a mental health facility to learn your treatment options.