Are There Any “At Home” Tests I Can Take To Spot Personality Disorders?

There are many personality tests that can be taken at home to spot personality disorders in yourself or in someone close to you. However, the tests vary greatly in quality, so consider the source when using them.

In this Mental Health Guide article, we will discuss some of the varied at home testing you can do to spot the early signs of a personality disorder.

The Types of At Home Tests for Personality Disorders

You can find tests for literally any type of personality disorder as well as those for mood disorders. Here’s an overview of the tests that are available, categorized by the groupings the medical profession uses.

Tests for Cluster A Personality Disorders: These tests look for disorders such as paranoid personality disorder, schizoid or schizotypal disorder and related personality disorders. They test for symptoms such as suspicion and distrust, emotional detachment, hostility, odd beliefs or behaviors, isolation or hiding.

Tests for Cluster B Personality Disorders: These tests are for personality disorders such as antisocial personality disorder, histrionic disorder, borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder. While the symptoms vary among these disorders, some commonalities include a disregard for the wellbeing of others, a desire for attention and dramatics, risky behavior without thought of consequences, excessive impulsivity, excessive need for approval, suicidal thoughts or actions and aggressive or violent behavior.

Tests for Cluster C Personality Disorders: These test for avoidant personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and dependent personality disorder. Some of the symptoms that these tests expose include over-sensitivity to criticism, isolation, feelings of inadequacy, dependence on or submissiveness to others, a preoccupation with a romantic relationship, strict attention to rules, perfectionism, the need for control and extreme inflexibility.

Where to Find At Home Tests for Personality Disorders

These tests are easily found online through search engines. Many websites will turn up in the search results. Before taking any of the tests, evaluate the credentials of the site. If it is the site for a hospital, clinic or practicing medical professional, it will have more credibility than those that are not directly connected to any of these.

Instead of searching for a “test,” you can also search for “symptoms” of personality disorders – either generally or for the specific disorder you want to learn about. Sites that list symptoms can be just as helpful.

At Home Personality Tests are Helpful but Not Foolproof

These tests can be a good first step. Any result should be confirmed through professional testing carried out by a certified professional. If you are testing for yourself and decide to seek evaluation, speak to your doctor about your concerns. If you are testing for someone close to you and think they might have a personality disorder, share with them your concerns and offer to show them the test. If the person is your minor child, talk with the pediatrician about having him or her evaluated.

Taking the Next Step

Most personality disorders are very treatable through therapy (counseling) and possibly the use of medication. There is no need to suffer without treatment. Get a professional evaluation and learn about your treatment options for personality disorders. Check your health insurance coverage too, because many policies offer at least partial coverage for mental health care.