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We are very glad you chose our site, Mental Health Guide, to help you find information about mental health illnesses and disorders.  On our website, we hope to help you understand more about mental illnesses and how to notice the signs and symptoms of a potential problem. We also will go over some of the ways you can get help for yourself, or a loved one.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH),  there has been an increasing prevalence of serious mental illness in the United States since 2008 – an increase of up to 40% in fact.  Although this is a troubling statistic, there have also been many advances in how patients are diagnosed and treated. The more prevalent mental illness becomes in our society, the more people understand the difficulties of those that are suffering.

Here at the Mental Health Guide website, we have gathered information from industry professionals to help you find resources about different mental health issues. We have also included some ways you can help maintain your own mental health.

Mental Health Articles:

You can find informative guides on our site written about specific topics that are important when it comes to mental health disorders. Those include articles on Eating Disorders and Young Women, Common Mental Health Disorders of Home Workers, Anti Social Personality Disorder, Signs of Depression in Teens and Signs and Symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder, just to name a few.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction:

We outline how alcoholism and drug addiction can lead to all forms of mental illness and how you can look for the signs of depression and anxiety within yourself, a friend or family member.

Personality Disorders & Mood Disorders:

Personality and mood disorders can include many different types of mental illnesses, from antisocial personality disorders to bipolar disorders that can range from mild to very severe. We seek to fully explain what each one means and how to spot the symptoms.

Childhood Disorders:

Mental disorders during childhood can be especially troubling and very hard to diagnose. They can range from mild forms such as ADHD to the more severe Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome. Our guides help to better explain childhood disorders and how you can find help with them.

Our site also includes in-depth articles about mental illnesses that can affect you at any time in your life including depression, stress disorders and anxiety disorders.

We hope that the information included here on our website can help you have a clearer understanding of mental health issues, how they can affect you and your family and ways to get the help you need.

If you have a question for us, or would like to suggest an article, please head over to our contact form and let us know!