Postpartum Depression, At What Point Should I Seek Treatment?

Postpartum depression affects many new mothers and attention has been given to it in recent years by celebrities like Brooke Shields who have suffered from it. You should not feel ashamed if you struggle with depression after the birth of a child. It is quite common.

However, since PPD can have serious consequences for the mother and child, symptoms should not be taken lightly.

In this Mental Health Guide article will help you know when you should seek treatment for postpartum depression.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

In many cases, postpartum depression is more than just the “baby blues.”  It is a serious condition but it can be successfully treated.

Common symptoms of the “baby blues” include mood swings, anxiety over caring for the newborn, sadness and crying, irritability, difficulty sleeping and inability to concentrate fully. These symptoms often pass in the weeks or few months following the child’s birth.

When they don’t go away or when they become intense, then postpartum depression must be considered. Here are the symptoms of postpartum depression: Insomnia, loss of appetite, deepened sadness, intense anger or irritability, feeling guilty or inadequate, severe mood swings, feelings of desperation, difficulty bonding with the baby or thoughts of harming yourself or the baby.

When to Seek Help for Post Partum Depression

If you experience any of these symptoms of postpartum depression, seek help if they do not fade after a week or two. If at any time they become severe so that you feel confused or disoriented, intensely paranoid, have hallucinations or make an attempt to harm yourself or your baby, seek help immediately.

Post Partum Depression is Treatable and Short Term

When suffering from PPD, many mothers feel as if they will never get through it or over it. This simply isn’t true. It is a short-term problem that can be treated. If you are feeling any of these symptoms and have concerns about them, call your doctor to look at your options.